A Weekend Spent in Cape Cod

Cape Cod

     As we are now officially past Labor Day, summer has drawn to a close. I was lucky enough to spend one last weekend at the beach on Cape Cod. It was so beautiful there, as it always is. The sun was hot but the cool ocean breeze made it bearable. I’m sad to say that days spent laying on the beach without a care in the world are over, well at least until next spring.

     My family and I went out to lunch at a restaurant right on the beach, and the food was delicious! We decided to take a walk on the beach before heading back to the house. I wore this white lace shift dress from Abercrombie & Fitch and Steve Madden wedges. To spice up my outfit a little bit, I wore a brown leather watch with gold accents, as well as a gold dangly pair of earrings from Francesca’s. I’m sad that summer has come and gone, but I am so excited to see what the fall has in store for me! Plus, I love fall fashion more than anything!

Tips For Shopping On a Budget!

Shopping on a budget


 I’m sure you all know the familiar feeling of finding something you love in a store, but then when you check the price tag your heart sinks because you simply cannot afford to spend that much money on one piece of clothing. This happens to me ALL the time. However I have learned some great tips and strategies  for shopping on a budget! Before I get into that though, let me tell you about this adorable outfit!

     I got this top at Marshall’s for a great price. It was only $12.99!!! That is why I love shopping at Marshall’s, they have great clothes for cheap! Anyway, this top is perfect for summer and fall. I love the mauve color and this peplum style is to die for! It’s cute and casual and adds so much to the top. I styled this top with distressed ankle length boyfriend jeans from PacSun, a white barrette and my Birkenstocks. For jewelry I decided on a long gold necklace from Francesca’s and pearl studs. This outfit would also be perfect for fall, just switch out the sandals for booties and add a green jacket and voila! Totally fall appropriate.

Now let’s get into tips for shopping on a budget!

  1. Shop at stores such as Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. These stores carry designer brands at very affordable prices. They have anything from jackets to clothes to handbags, and shopping at these places won’t break the bank!
  2. ALWAYS go to the back the store… Most stores have all of their sale or clearance inventory towards the back, and their newer more expensive inventory in the front. This is because they want you to see the expensive clothes easily so you will be more likely to pick it up and buy it. But don’t fall for that!
  3. Pay attention to when stores are having big sale events and shop them! I promise it is worth it. Many stores will occasionally have 50% off all clothes online or in store for a limited amount of time but it will pay off to shop these events and make some great savings.
  4. Some stores put little coupons into your shopping bag with either 20% or 10 dollars off for the next time you shop there. Save these and use them between the start and expiration date! I always forget to use them but if you keep them in your purse you will have them on you if you happen to end up in the store and you will save some money.
  5. Shop at outlets!! Outlets have designer brands and other popular clothing stores that offer great deals and sales.
  6. If you love something in a store that is just too expensive, wait. Chances are the item will go on sale at some point, just keep checking online and if it is on sale then go for it! Although doing this can be risky because things do sell out but if its something you don’t need right away just wait and you may just end up getting it for half off!


*(I couldn’t find the top and necklace online but I linked items that were similar)

Overalls Are In!



      Overalls are back in style and I could not be happier about it! Ever since I saw these popping up last spring I knew I just had to have them! They’re perfect for summer and so fun. The ones I’m wearing here are from PacSun but I have seen them everywhere. I love wearing them because it is a super simple piece that makes a statement. These ones especially were calling my name because they feature the lace up trend as well. My favorite part of these is the back. The way the straps criss-cross in the back is adorable! I tied the strings together and left them hanging, however you could tie them in a bow as well!

       There are many different ways you can wear overalls and thats something I love about them, they’re so versatile! For this outfit I paired them with a simple black and white V neck t-shirt from American Eagle and white Converse. For jewelry I just wore a gold bar necklace with my initial on it and a silver and gold bangle higher up on my wrist. I always have so much fun while I’m wearing overalls, they make me so happy!